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Are you stopping by Calgary just for a day? Want to know what to see and where to eat? Here are some quick facts and a one-day itinerary to make your day in Calgary a perfect one!


Calgary Quick Facts:

Calgary can be found in the province of Alberta, Canada
Just over one million people live in the city
Calgary was the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympic Games (1988)
The city is often called cowtown due to it’s roots in western culture
Calgary is diverse and over 120 languages are spoken in the city
The Calgary Stampede know as the “greatest outdoor show on earth” attracts more than one million visitors every year
Calgary is ranked the cleanest city in the world


a Perfect Day in Calgary…


8.00 AM… Start off your morning with breakfast at the retro-style Diner Deluxe located on Edmonton Tr. This popular place often have a line-up, but the the food is well worth the wait. They source out the best local ingredients and prepare all their dishes in house, meaning they can accommodate for any allergies you might have.
Our Top 3 Favourites: Eggs Benedict with Jalapeño Chorizo & Sautéed Spinach, Veggie Burrito and Stuffed French Toast… All three so good you’ll want to come back tomorrow for more (and there is no shame in that)!

9.30 AM… Let the breakfast sink while you make your way over to the amazing Glenbow Museum on 9th Ave. This history and arts museum is one of the best museums we’ve been to in all of Canada and that says a lot! Offering a great variation of intriguing exhibitions and fascinating collections well laid out over several floors, this is a place where you don’t want to rush. Take your time to enjoy the numerous well-preserved artefacts, discuss the delicate art and study the historically unique photographs. Don’t forget to stop by the museum shop for great gifts, books and souvenirs.
Highlights: One Hundred Masterworks by Edward S. Curtis (on until Sept 18th), Mavericks and Art of Asia.
Admission: Adult/$16 Senior and Student/$11 Youth/$10 Child/Free Family/$40
More info on prices and opening hours can be found here

12.15 PM… If the stomach is rumbling you should listen (overheard in the streets of Calgary)! And the place to best satisfy your stomach is Cibo on 17th Ave. This spacious, yet intimate Italian restaurant have dishes to please even the most picky eater and they always have great deals on depending on which day you visit.
Our Top 3 Favourites: Tuna Carpaccio, Ricotta Gnocchi and Wild Boar Bacon Pizza… Need we say more?!

1.45 PM… Next stop on this perfect day in Calgary is at the Winsport Olympic Park where you’ll find the Skyline Luge! The Skyline Luge is located only three places in the world so this truly is a must-do activity while visiting Calgary. So what is the Luge you might ask? Simply put it’s a gravity-filled three-wheeled-cart fun ride on a downhill track; easy to steer, you can go as fast as you feel comfortable and it’s super thrillingly fun! The more rides you do the more confident you get and the more fun you have, so make sure you buy at least three rounds.
Individual Packages: 1 Ride/$15 3 Rides/$23 5 Rides/$32
Family Packages: Family Four Rides/$46 Family Eight Rides/$64 Family Twelve Rides/$80
More info on prices and opening hours can be found here.

3.30 PM… It’s now time to explore Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood, Inglewood. Once a shabby industrial area, today this quintessential urban village with over 100 boutiques, galleries and eateries attracts visitors from far and near every day. Inglewood is best explored on foot with hands free to check out rare finds like vintage clothes, unique books, local made jewellery and much more. Don’t forget to treat yourself with some delicious snacks and coffee whilst walking around.
Highlights: Galleria Inglewood, Kent of Inglewood and Fair’s Fair
Tip: If you feel like some more walking there are some great nature trails to check out by the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre.

5.45 PM… Next stop on the itinerary is a bit further up from the ground, 191 meters about ground to be exact. The Calgary Tower offers an exceptional 360° view over the city and it’s suburbs, the famous Rocky Mountains and the prairies. Their award-winning, fun and informative multimedia tours are complimentary and easy to use at any age. Don’t forget your camera and bring on your best smile as this will be a photo worth putting in your photo album.
Admission: Adult/$18 Senior/$16 Child/$9
More info on prices and opening hours can be found here

7.00 PM… It’s finally dinnertime and though Calgary have many great restaurants to choose from, our favourite is Ox and Angela on 17th Ave. This trendy restaurant serves up the best Spanish tapas in all of Calgary with their creatively delicious and colourful food creations! The service is fantastic and the decor is great too, simply a must-visit restaurant when you’re visiting Calgary.
Our Top 3 Favourites: Dry Rubbed Pork Ribs, Mussels Escabeche and Grilled Lamb Sausage… You’re in for a mouth-water experience, enjoy!

9.00 PM… The day isn’t over yet. It’s now time for some drinks and luckily you are not far away from having a luscious cocktail in your hand. Find Milk Tiger Lounge on 4th Street and you are in for a treat. They serve the best cocktails along with great tunes in a cozy atmosphere. They also offer a great selection of wine and beers.
Our Top 3 Favourites: Penicillin, Boston and Suffering Bastard… Sip and savour every drop as your prefect day in Calgary slowly comes to an end!


Staying longer?

Festivals and events
Heritage Park
Telus Spark
Calaway Park
Aero Space Museum
The Military Museum
Calgary Chinese Culture Centre

 Transit Info


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  1. Beautiful photos. I can’t wait to visit Canada and head to Calgary, but for the ski season! But this year we are going to Japan so it will have to wait until the next season!

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      Hi Juliette. We hear the ski season is awesome in Calgary, so lucky you! Japan will be awesome too though I’m sure! We’re going there next year and are very excited about it 🙂

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