About Us


Who are we?

We’re a wanderlust couple from Norway who shares a passion for photography, food, the outdoors and traveling. In the last year we’ve been to Florida, New York City, Amsterdam, Mexico and London and we are now well into our travels (5 mnths+) in Canada and the US. Anders is the main photographer and enjoys doing street photography and landscape photography. If he’s not out shooting pictures he’s usually found either editing photos, reading Batman, exercising, eating burgers, browsing Reddit or Bored Panda, sleeping or watching House of Cards. He’s a very organised guy, who’s a bit shy, though not scared of strangers. Marita on the other hand is not very organised, or shy. She takes care of the writing, usually with a glass of wine at the same time. If wine and typing is done for the day she liked taking walks outside, petting strangers’ dogs, reading a biography or non-fiction, applying for housesits or leafing through Imgur. She also loves paddle boarding though she’s never tried it (!), kayaking and long distance hiking… She did the famous West Coast Trail in 5 days and 6 nights!

What’s our plan?

We got with us what we can fit in our backpacks and with little planned other than our starting point – Toronto. We’ll mainly get around using rideshare websites and hitch hiking to get to places where we can either couchsurf or set up our tent, do housesits or workaway-stays – not only to save money, but to meet the locals and see places that’s a bit off the beaten track. We hope to do a few big hikes, see both the west and the east coast, evolve our photography and writing skills, meet lots of people and try out new food.

Our website will share photos and travel stories with you, and you can also actively help us decide on which activities we should do and where to go next with various voting polls that will be posted on the front page and our social media platforms in the near future.


Our journey so far