El Sobrante to Los Angeles

We just finished this week with the most beautiful sunset ever on a beach in Los Angeles. We arrived only a few hours ago, but lets go back to where we dropped of last time before getting to where we’re at now…  It was time to leave beautiful Luna, the jacuzzi and the fresh apples in El Sobrante on Wednesday to go to Oakland where our next couchsurf was waiting. We got our own ensuite in Oakland so luckily we went from one great house to another. Not sure how much luck there actually is in couch surfing as we’re quite picky with whom we send out requests too, but guess we’re lucky if they have room for us. Oakland became our gateway to San Francisco over the next three days.
San Francisco past our test with flying colours. What an awesome city! It was everything and more then we hoped for; beautiful buildings, buzzing nightlife, nice weather, good prices, easy transport and the best Chinatown we’ve ever been too. Comparing Chinatown around North America has become a thing with us and right now the SF Chinatown is in first place, closely followed by the one in New York City. We did a guided tour (Teas, Temples and Beatniks) of Chinatown and Little Italy with Urban Adventures and absolutely loved it. We haven’t done too many tours around the cities we’ve been too, but being so impressed with Urban Adventures we plan on doing more with the same company. They do tours on most of the continents, they are quite reasonable in price, and the tours benefit local business and the local tour guides. Win-win!
SF Street Art
Other than our tour we checked out some of the must-see sight like Fisherman’s Wharf, Market Street and Castro, saw the famous streetcars go up Powell Street, took some photos of the skyline from Coolbrith park and did a night session by the Ferry Building overlooking the Bay Bridge. When shooting photos by the Bay Bridge we came into conversation with another photographer, from Dubai. He was in SF for business and had brought his new camera with him to try it out. He was such a cool guy! We ended up having dinner with him (best burger and shake ever) and we got his contact details so we could get in touch if we ever go to Dubai… Which we hope to do next year!
We had been trying earlier during the week to figure out how to get down to LA and when. We knew we wanted to be here by Sunday, but weren’t sure how. Flying was too expensive, so was renting a car, the bus would take forever (and was not cheap either) and we didn’t really feel like hitch hiking. So yeah, not may options left when Marita got a lightbulb moment; why not try to see if we could get a re-location gig? This is where you return a vehicle from A to B for a rental company, it’s usually cheap and often fuel is included in the fee you pay. We did some research and ended up with booking an RV that needed to be in LA by the 3rd of October. And what a deal we made, only $27 for two days with fuel included… But you know what they say – when a deal is too good to be true, it’s usually not true. Jumping forward to yesterday and after 2 hours of paperwork, a tour and an inspection of the RV our total cost came to $98! And that’s not even with generator use included, which is a whopping $3 pr. hour. We’re not sure if we got the short end of the stick, but we’re still happy. It’s pretty cool to drive around with your home on your back!
So here we are now, living the California dream on Long Beach. Our RV park is so close to the beach that we can taste the salt in the air, hear the waves crashing in and see the sun go down in the Pacific Ocean. Right now, life is just absolutely perfect!
Our massive RV
*Written Sunday Oct 2nd.
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  1. Wow, such an awesome getaway. Love San Francisco and all it has to offer. And such a bonus to be close to the ocean in your RV park. Nice post.

    1. Marita says: Reply

      Thanks Christine. We are definitely not done with San Francisco, or RVing for that matter and look forward to going back 🙂

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