Exploring Toronto On The Bike With Beers And Ghosts


Hola! We’ve been up to quite a bit the last week doing a few tours and we seem to love Toronto the more we see and explore. The Toronto Raptors are in the Eastern Conference Finals, and I’m officially hooked on basketball. Been watching almost every game over the past month and I just love this game of constant action. I sincerely hope they win, as it will be their first time ever, and it would be really cool if it happened whilst we are still in Toronto! We have just finished our second housesit in Canada and we had so much fun. The owners were so sweet and they left us movie tickets, wine, cake and beer before leaving and the dogs were so gorgeous and fun to take are of! Here are some photos of Tater, Clementine and Chica:

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We also did a tour of the Steam Whistle Brewery located downtown. They make only one beer, the tasty Steam Whistle Pilsner which is very popular here in Ontario and surrounding territories. The story behind the name is really interesting; originally it was supposed to be called Three Fired Guys, as the guys who stared the brewery had just gotten fired from their previous brewery job as the company was being sold out. But, their wives said that no one would want to buy beer from someone who had just been fire from making beer, so they came up with then name Steam Whistle instead. The name represents the time back in the days when workers would finished their job when hearing the factory steam whistle go off at 5pm and it was time to drink some beer after a long day at work. The brewery is also quite green, meaning that they only use 4 natural ingredients in their beer, they have a pretty good recycling/rinsing machine that allows them to re-use the empty bottles, they use painted-on labels instead of paper to save trees, they use renewable energy, their bottles are green plus much more you can read about here if interested. If ever in Toronto we recommend doing this tour that only costs $10 and you get a beer to enjoy while touring!


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We did another tour as well, well two actually, but the second one was a haunted tour of Toronto with Haunted Walk. I am a massive fan of history and mystery so this was right up my alley, though Anders enjoy it as well. We started out by the Hockey Hall of Fame, once a bank where a ghost has reportedly been seen a few times after a woman died in one of the bathrooms there back in the 1800’s, apparently stabbed, but no one knows for sure… and that’s how the tour went, we walked from sights to sights whilst being told stories of ghosts, crime and punishment. It was really interesting and well done, and our guide was a great storyteller! The tour took about 90 minutes, but I could have easily done more. We plan on going to Kingston and Ottawa during the summer and might check out some of their tours there as well, we’ve heard that they are quite good.

St. James Cathedral

We have also been out biking, and we still got sore butts, but well worth it! We rented bikes from Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop, great bikes and awesome customer service. We biked downtown to the ferry terminal where we took the ferry over to Toronto Island, a small Island located in Lake Ontario. The island has beaches, cafes, a small amusement park for children, a disc golf course and lots of green areas to relax and have a picnic on. There are a few people living there and we loved the old-style houses we saw as we biked around. We expected Toronto Island to be a bit bigger, but we biked to one end to another and everywhere in between with several stops and we were done in less then two hours. It’s a nice, little getaway for the Torontonians and you can easily spend more time there though if you want to work on your tan, read a book or just hang out with friends. When we returned the bikes, we mentioned that we’re doing the Bruce Trail next week, and turns out the managers mum lives close to the trail and he put us in contact with her so we could have a break at her house; it never stops to amaze us how nice people in Toronto is!


Toronto skyline seen from Toronto Island

For the rest of this week we plan on doing some more shopping for our camping trip, visit a few museums and watch the Raptors go on to the finals! I got a bit of work as well, and we’re taking care of Daegan the dog at Barbara and Lionel’s house while they are away at a wedding. It will be a busy weekend, but that’s how we like it!

More photography from this amazing city is to be found here

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