From Vancouver to Seattle


I bet you didn’t think an update would come this quick, did you? Well here it is – our weekly update.

The last week have been a busy one. We finished of Vancouver at the start of the week with a housesit and one night of couch surfing with an awesome couple – Randy and Geoff. We had been staying with them before and were happy to be back again. They were excellent host who took very good care of us with home-cooked meals, wine, bikes we could borrow and our own bedroom. It makes quite a difference wether we have our own room or not, makes sense, but then I don’t have to show off all my mess (sorry Anders) and Anders can work on his photos without any interruptions if he wants to. As mentioned in the last post we really loved Vancouver. There were some amazing restaurants to choose between, from cheap Vietnamese Pho to expensive Brazilian steak houses and everything in between. Endless running, walking and bike trails (even through the city). Awesome parks and the best and biggest Chinese market we’ve even been to. Various shows and concerts every night. Just so freaking much to do that you could never get bored, but, it still didn’t feel like a big city – just a perfect sized one.

On Tuesday we left for Seattle to start off our two months in the US. There is no secret that we love America, so we are very happy to be back. Our plan is to stay here in Seattle for a few more days, then two days in Portland before we fly down to El Sobrante (1hr outside San Francisco) for a new housesit. After the housesit we’ll do a few days in San Fran before going down to LA where we’re meeting a friend to do a 2 week road trip. The road trip is sill being mapped out, so plans for that will come later. And haven’t laid to much plans after road trip either, but will most likely head back to Vancouver.

But back to Seattle… We’re currently staying with Viet, a friend of a friend, and he has the most cutest dog ever – a Golden Doodle named Nemo. Viet took us to a baseball game on our first night in Seattle and the day after we went a popular hike not too far away from the city. It’ so nice when “host” are able to take us out on thing like this that we most likely wouldn’t have done by ourselves. Other then hike and baseball we’ve been wandering around the city endlessly checking out museums, photo spots, restaurants, the waterfront and markets. Everyone knows that Seattle is the city with most rain in the US, but we’ve been so lucky so far. Only one day of rain and hopefully it will keep up that way until we leave in Thursday (and for the remaining months until we go home).

And that’s it for this time. A new update will be ready in a week!

Adios Amigos


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  1. Rachel says: Reply

    Gosh, Anders is having quite a moment with those dumplings!

    1. Marita says: Reply

      Any moments involving dumplings are special 😉

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