Last day of housesit in El Sobrante


So it’s our last day in our latest housesit here in El Sobrante. We’ve fallen in love with Luna and will miss her so much! She is just the sweetest dog ever and it makes me quite sad to think about all the hate pit bulls get. Luckily people are starting to open their eyes – it’s not the dog or the breeds fault for falling in the “fighter dog” category, it’s the humans who raise them and the people that judge them. But enough ranting, we have had an amazing time with Luna and that’s all that counts.

So what have we been up to for the past week? Not much! It’s been so nice to relax every day, our only worry has been what to cook for dinner. We’ve been sleeping lots, enjoying the hot weather, doing long walks with Luna, eating fresh apples of the trees, drinking wine in the hot tub, done some photo shoots at the beach, been out for dinner and a catching up on our Netflix shows. I also went up to the city of Davis one day to meet up with an old au pair friend whom I knew from my days in Auckland.

We feel very rested and ready for what’s next – San Francisco (Wednesday-Sunday) and the start of our road trip next Tuesday. Still got some planning left to do, but it’s all starting to come together. Excited to see what kind of car we get – hopefully a big one!

Tomorrow we’re off to Oakland for another couchsurf. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find one in San Fran, but Oakland is only 30 mins away with the train, so it’s not too bad. Though relaxing have been good we’re eager to get our feet going again in the streets of SF. It’s just the best way to get to know a city we recon, walking, walking and more walking. It feels so good getting back to your accommodation late at night knowing that you’ve been exploring all day. It’s gives you a satisfying tiredness. And we have high hopes for SF, so we are super excited!!

Have you been to SF before? Would love some tips on where to go and where to eat!


Luna enjoying a Starbucks puppuccino <3
Luna enjoying a Starbucks puppuccino <3


*Featured image is from the apple tree in our housesitting house. Mmm… they are delicious by the way and Luna loves them too!


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