Where Did May Go Already?

High Park Colours

Wow, I’m not sure where time keeps going? We’re way over halfway in May already. It’s been a couple week since the last post, but I feel like time is standing still – though in a good way! Norway’s Constitution Day was on May 17, a big day to celebrate for Norwegians! There is a Norwegian Club here in Toronto and they were running an event on Sunday with a parade, Norwegian food and fun activities. We didn’t do anything special other than play around with the dogs in our new housesit that day and we look forward to share some photos of the dogs next week, they are just adorable! The house is in a good location as well; close to a big park, fresh produce markets, bookstores, cafes, butchers and everything in between. The weather is so nice and we have already been doing some BBQing! We’ve been to so many meat markets where you just buy your meat ready marinated, it’s fresh and most places have tons of options between flavours, cuts and meats.

We did a tour of Casa Loma last week and it was really interesting. I had no idea Toronto had a castle before, but they do and it’s quite impressive. When built in 1914 for Sir Henry Pellatt, which was a Canadian solider and financier, Casa Loma was the biggest private residence ever constructed in Canada. Today, this unique architectural building in Toronto attracts more then 350,000 visitors every year and it has been the back drop to many movie productions like Cocktail, X-Men and Chicago just to mention a few. The castle’s interior has some amazing hand-made details on everything from furniture, lighting, construction, windows and doors that is very easy to appreciate. They have a vintage car exhibition, an underground tunnel showcasing photos from the great depression, gardens and a horse stable. We spent about two hours checking everything out, but you can easily spend more hours there!


Toronto-22   Toronto-21


We also finally checked out High Park, which is equivalent to Toronto like Central Park is to New York and Hyde Park to London. It is a massive park filled with trails going in every direction and it has a big lake as well as many small waterholes where you can spot birds, beavers, turtles, snakes and fish. There are wild coyotes living there as well, but unfortunately we didn’t spot any. One of the reasons we wanted to go to High Park was because of the Cherry Blossom trees. They are supposed to be in full bloom by now, but because April and May has been crazy with different temperatures and random weather they might not bloom at all. It’s quite disappointing as it’s said to be a great thing to watch, and since we were too late for it in Washington DC we were really hoping to catch them in Toronto. So, I guess next plan is to see them in Japan next year!




We also had a great day hanging out with Carolann and Macrae which also goes by the name One Modern Couple. They run a successful travel and lifestyle website and it was so nice to meet someone doing the same as us. They took us to a food truck where we got served amazing Argentinian street food, it was just so tasty and soft and crispy all at once! We have a few other food trucks to try out, but not sure this one can be topped, just have to wait and see. We did a small tour of the St. Lawrence Market and the Old Distillery district – another unique neighborhood in Toronto centrally placed downtown. Again, lots of delicious food and fresh produce to taste and look at. I’m quite glad we’re on a budget, because if we weren’t I would be worried about our weight as we would be eating all day long! So impressed with Toronto’s food scene and hope rest of Canada is just the same!





It looks like May in Toronto will pass so quick that there won’t be much time for camping this month. We have plans for the next week and I’m working every Saturday and Sunday! We have however planned to do as much as possible in June as we didn’t get accepted to the housesit we applied for. Not sad about that at all as it means we’ll have more time to explore Ontario. I’m hoping we can walk the Bruce Peninsula Trail, which should take us around 10 days. The scenery is supposed to be amazing, and at the top of the peninsula in Tobermory we can snorkel over sunken ships if the weather permits. Think it will be a great learning experience for us, and I look forward to share the journey and the trail in photos and our journal!

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