Montreal Did Not Disappoint

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We had heard so much good stuff about Montreal so we were very excited to finally check out the city for ourselves. Conclusion: Awesome city with generous people, vibrant nightlife, gorgeous buildings, intriguing art and heavenly food! We would hate the thought of never going back, so hopefully one day in the future it will happen! We got there on Saturday and was greeted by our couchsurfing host Pascal on the afternoon in her home. She made us some awesome egg and salad sandwiches before giving us a tour of the Olympic Stadium close to her house – and what knowledge she had about the Olympics and the Montreal area, impressive! And if you’re wondering, the Olympics was in 1976 and Norway won one gold medal in rowing! After the stadium tour we headed in to the city which was packed with people because of the Formula 1 race that was on + a free music festival celebrating French music. We got such a good impression of the city on our first night and went to bed excited to check out more the following days.

The sun didn’t stop shining the whole time we were there and it was great walking around the city everyday checking out different sights and photo locations. We especially liked the Mount Royal Park (Montreal highest point), all the art on the building walls, the Jean Talon Market and the Old Town which had that classic French look to it with cobblestone streets and small sidewalk cafes and restaurants. And with all the amazing smells coming out of the restaurants we quickly realised that we needed to have dinner at the Old Town at some point, and we did, on both Wednesday and Thursday! We actually ended up eating out quite a bit over the 6 days we were in Montreal; Chinese, Canadian, French, Indian, Italian and Mexican. It’s not a secret that we love food, but having been on a budget in Toronto, we didn’t dine out as much as we wanted to, so it was nice not thinking too much about the money spending in Montreal and just enjoying ourselves! And with all the diversity of food to in the city I think we choose the right place (to eat our brains out); Anders fell in love with noodle soup in Chinatown, Marita ate one of the best chicken Bhuna curries ever, triple stacked grilled cheese sandwich with sloppy joe and jalapeños sets a new standard for sandwiches, nachos with cranberries are a surprisingly good match and we couldn’t get enough of stuffed pizza with Nduja sausage and goat cheese!

Our next host in Montreal was Dominique, a traveler like us, he is quitting his job in two weeks to go traveling for 10 months. He’s already been all over the world, and had so many interesting stories to tell, especially about hiking and camping. We had a great time meeting his friends at a park picnic, and he was the one who introduced us to nachos with cranberries and triple stacked grilled cheese sandwiches; thanks Dom for fattening us up! And speaking about fattening up, it’s been a lot of unhealthy food in the months we’ve been traveling, so we have decided to try to eat a bit healthier over the next weeks (Anders is laughing at the thought). The thing with fast food though is that it’s so convenient when you’re on the go and it’s cheap, cheap, cheap! $5 dollars will get you two burgers at Burger King, but nowhere near a stomach-filling healthy meal anywhere else. And yes I guess we could always make food at “home”, but it’s not easy going grocery shopping and cooking in someone else’s kitchen when changing location every third day or so. We’ll see how it goes over the next week, have planned on stacking up on fruit and nuts so we can have with us when wandering around towns, and get our stomach and brains used to not being fed all the time!

Montreal, thanks for the good times and we promise we will be back!

We have now made our way to Ottawa and an update will soon follow 🙂

For more photography from Montreal, head over to our gallery here


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