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What a week we’ve had in NYC, again! We can never seem to get enough of the concrete jungle, and nothing wrong with that, just means we have to keep going back… Might be wise to invest in an apartment some time in the future, just need to win the lotto first. Before going to NYC though, we were in another city, Ottawa, which is the capitol of Canada. We had an amazing host again, (we must be doing this thing right), Eric and his family. Their daughter Amanda  was a star in the kitchen and made such good food the whole time we were there. We got a few of her recipes, so looking forward to trying them out! Amanda and Eric was also avid photographers with their own studio which we were able to play around with, so much fun. Eric also took us out canoeing and it was such a learning experience! None of us have ever been in one, and though it look easy, we can promise it’s not, but a lot of fun! We held a turtle, saw a beaver and tried Geocaching (the world largest treasure hunt) for the first time. It was quite interesting and think we might have to check it out some more! We also checked out the Glow Fair Festival that was on in the city. A free festival stretching for several blocks with concerts, arts, entertainers and food – recommend it if you happen to find yourself in Ottawa next summer. Ottawa was a pretty city with many old, historical building and a canal. Unfortunately most of the building were under construction, so we didn’t end up with a lot of photos in the end. But, that’s OK, instead we had plenty of time to hang out with Eric and his family and we had the time to finally relax a little!

After Ottawa we took the bus back to Toronto where we spent one last night before catching the bus down to NYC. Total time 12 hours, amount paid $22, so freaking cheap it was definitely worth the long bus ride. We stayed with Samir in Brooklyn, the same host as last time, and it was nice to catch up again. The sweet thing about going back to somewhere you’ve already been is that you by now know how things work – transit, prices, food etc. and to be “efficient” in NYC you need to know how things work! We had a great long weekend celebrating a friends 30th birthday with rooftop pre-games, dinner, clubbing and boat cruising, we had  a magic time. We haven’t really been out in NY before so it was nice to see that side of the city this time. We did a long day in Central Park as well, so much more impressed by the size this time now that we had a few hours to explore. It’s such an amazing park with so many features, secret spots and hide-aways. If we lived in NYC, this might be one of the places where you’d see us often!

We also did a visit to MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) and the MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) which we didn’t have time to last time. We had heard so much good things about MoMa and were really excited to check it out. Our opinion though; not sure it was worth the $25 entrance fee. We just didn’t get the hyped feel that we were expecting, and you know when expectations are high, the disappointment fall is so much more higher. Can’t really pin-point why, but we thought it was quite small, frankly a bit boring and of course the photography section was closed which didn’t help. We’re sure it’s a great place for people who are really into art, but for our (modest) interest in art it just wasn’t enough. MET on the other hand, wow, we were massively impressed. So we had the opposite experience here; low expectations made for high impressions. So much to see and explore, beautifully laid out exhibitions, great variety and something for everyone. And having a roof top bar overlooking Central Park is always a plus. We will definitely go back there the next time we’re in the city!

We had a great time on Sunday checking out the Pride March, one of the world’s biggest Pride Parades! Such a colourful event with amazing people, colours, happiness and fun. It went on for several blocks and we’ve never seen the streets of NYC so filled with life before, loved it! Coney Island was finally visited as well, an interesting place. Apparently it has been revamped over the last years, though we thought it still looked a bit “tired” and dirty. Many closed down places and construction, and rubbish lying in the streets. It seem to have great potential though, must be a great place to take kids during the summer for all the rides and festivities and the beach that stretches for several kilometers. You can even bring your fishing rod out on the pier and try you luck for a fish dinner.

Food wise… As usual we have been eating very well (did I mention something about healthy eating earlier? Forgotten about now!) We checked out some old favourites and some new ones. Worth mentioning is S’MAC which serves Mac & Cheese with a twist; Masala, Cajun, Buffalo Chicken, Mediterranean and so much more, such deliciously comforting food topped with cheese! We also have a favourite place for flat bread pizza, Tap Room No.307 in Midtown East which we visited again, for Mexican we go to Chavela’s  and for bagels we hit the Bagel Pub which had an amazing variety of bagels, both places are located in Brooklyn. With so many restaurants and eateries on every corner NYC is truly a place for foodies!


Do you have a favourite place in New York?

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