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Obviously there are a lot of nice spots for photography in Toronto. Here is a list of my favourite spots + some rooftops you should visit. All the spots are listed on the map below as well. 

1. Polson Street Park

This is my favourite spot in the morning to photograph the Toronto Skyline. The sun kisses the skyline beautifully in a different way every single time. You can also go there in the evenings, but remember to get out a bit early as there are other photographers who want that one epic photograph as well.

toronto skyline-3

2. Bathurst Street

From the old bridge on Bathurst Street you’ll get a nice view of the iconic CNTower and the train tracks. A great spot any time of the day, but it is fun to catch the light trail from the trains at night and get the stunning colours from the sunset.


3. Toronto Islands

This view of the city is absolutely stunning be it the sunrise, mid day or the sunset. It is very easy to get there; take the ferry from downtown Toronto (just 5 min walk south of Union Station) and you’ll be on the Islands within a 10 minute ferry ride.


4. Toronto Reference Library

If you want some more minimalistic photography you should check out this library. It is located downtown and the architecture is plain fascinating. You could indulge yourself in a good book while there as well.


5. The pedestrian overpass on Queen by Nathan Phillips Square

If you want a new angle on life go to the overpass by Nathan Phillips Square. It will give you a bird’s eye perspective. This spot is great for shooting the TORONTO sign as well as the old city hall. You will also find it as a good spot for some street photography.


6. Subway stations

There are numerous subway stations where you can do some street photography in, but the one that stands more out is the Museum Subway station. It looks like an old Egyptian temple. Fascinating architecture.


7. Rooftops

Toronto is no doubt a high rise city with a lot of great buildings. There are 3 rooftops patios I want to recommend (while having a beer as well): • Thompsons Hotel rooftop • Park Hyatt rooftop • The One Eighty rooftop This spots are awesome any time of the day, but of course to see the lit skyline surround you at night is something special.

  *Bonus* There is a parking garage on lower Simcoe. I have not visited that one (yet) but you should be able to get a nice shot of the city. Be sure to make it down there early as there are other photographers who knows about this great spot.

Street Photography

You can basically shoot street photography everywhere you go in Toronto but there is a few places that really stands out and which I will advice you to check out.

  • Queen street
  • PATH
  • Financial District
  • Nathan Phillips Square
  • Distillery District

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