From Seattle to El Sobrante

Rachel's Ginger Beer

Another week gone by with two cities explored and one more to go… 
We finished off Seattle with an underground tour of the old city and a free guided tour of the famous Pike Place Market. The Market Experience with SFWT (Seattle Free Walking Tours) was really good – filled with fun fact and interesting stories and the group wasn’t too big. It’s free in the way that you don’t pay upfront for it, but at the end of the tour you can tip the guide whatever you feel the tour was worth. They have these tours at various cities around the world, though SFWT is local to Seattle and independent. For free walking tours other places check out Free Walking Tours by Foot – it’s just a great way to see the city you visit, it’s cheap depending on much money you want and can offer, and it’s a great way to meet other travelers.

We’d had been wanting to do the underground tour for awhile and with only one company operating the choice was easy. The tours goes under the city of Seattle where the ground level once was. More history on that can be found here. I expected it to be a long passage underground where you could see lots of historical artefacts and old structures, but unfortunately it was more like walking in a basement (think we did three different passages and we had to go overground to get between). So was a bit disappointing. I don’t know, my expectations may have been a bit high. They also have a evening red light district tour (still underground) and that could maybe be a bit more interesting to check out in the future.

We left Seattle on Thursday to go to Portland for two nights. Didn’t see too much of the city as we arrived a bit late on Thursday and had a small hungover on Friday… but we did check out some amazing food trucks. These weren’t the regular, driving-around food trucks, but stationed around in a type of lot with a sit down area in the middle. A great layout with lots of space and so much variety; Japanese, Norwegian inspired dishes, classic Italian pizza, vegetarian, healthy, greasy.. everything you could want! Local beers were on offer as well. Needless to say that we were in food heaven! First impression of Portland was awesome, so we have to go back there at some point.

Yesterday (Saturday) we flew from Portland for San Fransisco and made our way over to our destination for the next 11 days, El Sobrante. Here we got a housesit for a beautiful pit bull girl named Luna. The owners left today, but it was nice arriving a day early to get to know them and Luna’s routines before taking over. She’s so lovable and has the most gorgeous eyes ever! We’ll be sure to post pictures on Facebook and Twitter over the next days. It’s been a while since we’ve had a longer housesit and we’re really looking forward to some time alone and to just relax in one place. And, the house got a Jacuzzi – what more could we ask for?!

Luna says hi :)
Luna says hi 🙂


* The feature photo is from Rachel’s Ginger Beer at Pike Place Market.


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