A short update – nothing more nothing less.


We’re back on our updates, and I promise we’ll get better and do at least one once a week! So what have we been up to since our last post months ago…? We left New York for Calgary, big mistake looking back! gf
We ended up staying there for over a month waiting for nice weather so we could spend time in Banff and Jasper national park which had been our goal ever since we decided to go to Canada. Needless to say the weather never showed up and all we got in the national park was one weekend, but hey, I guess better than nothing! I got some hiking done though, on Vancouver Island. Did the famous West Coast Trail; 6 days over 75km in though terrain. A hike that can only be experienced to be understood. It was just amazing and I’m really keen on doing more. After the hike we packed up our stuff and left for Victoria on Vancouver Island where we stayed for a few week with different host. The weather was awesome (finally) so it was easy to fall in love with the city and it’s picturesque harbour, amazing food and friendly people. After Victoria we made our way over to Vancouver where we did some couch surfing and a housesit. Another great city; so nicely laid out, easy to be active with endless walk and running paths, bicycle lanes and multiple parks. Again, lots of great food and just an overall great vibe. One of our favourite cities in Canada!


Now however, we are in Seattle! We have the next two months planned out nicely (sort of) with visits to San Fransisco, LA, Las Vegas and Portland included. And after that we might head back to Canada, or not, we’ll see what we feel like when the time is right.


So, promise to be back with a new update real soon! Have a great weekend 🙂

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