How To Be A Tourist In New York City

New York Chinatown

Who doesn’t want to visit New York? This bustling city, which never sleeps, has something for everyone no matter what walk of life he or she is on. Known for it’s intriguing history, famous landmarks and Donald Trump, New York City opened its arms to a whooping 56 million tourists last year and it’s expected that the numbers will continue to climb in throughout 2016. So if you’re thinking about being a part of those rising numbers; plan wisely and read these 8 tips on how to be a (good) tourist in the worlds coolest city, New York:


1. Take Your Backpack Off

… When traveling on the subway. Over 4.3 million people travel on the subway everyday, and by taking your backpack off you make room for more people who wants to get from A to B as quick as possible (which is every New Yorker’s dream). You’re also not in risk of knocking someone out if you need to turn around with your backpack on and though theft isn’t a big issue on the metro; it’s harder for a crook to get into your backpack if you keep it between your feet.


2. Don’t Stop In The Middle Of The Sidewalk

… Or you will risk getting someone painfully in your back and maybe even knock you off your feet. Every New Yorker walks fast to save time, so if you need to stop to take a photo, look at a famous landmark or locate something on your map; please step aside and out of the way.


3. Please Don’t Take Photos of Homeless People

… This should need no explanation.


4. (Almost) Always Leave a Tip

… As this is the main income for servers and bartenders. Yes, they should be paid more so the tourists and the locals don’t have to pay their wages, but until this happens a 20% tip should be left on the food bill and a minimum $1 per drink if only consuming beverages. It’s debated whether or not to leave a tip if the service wasn’t the best, but use common (kind) sense if this is the question: there could be many reasons for bad service.


5. Umbrellas

… Just don’t behave in the hard winds that often pass between the skyscrapers! They also take up a lot of room in the over-crowed streets of New York, they can poke someone’s eye out, ruin a good hair day (though it is rare with good hair days if it’s raining) and they drip on the floor if taken inside which can cause someone to slip and fall. Put on a poncho or some rainproof clothes instead; you’ll stay dry and you have two hands to use instead of one.


6. Wait Until Everyone Gets Off The Subway Car

… Before entering. It is simply polite, you’re safe from crashing into someone and it saves everyone time.


7. When In Line Waiting To Order

… Know what you want by the time you get to the cashier. New York workers don’t want to spend their whole break in a line waiting for someone to make up their mind. If you don’t know what you want, step aside and let the person behind you go ahead.


8. New Yorkers Might Seem Though On The Outside

… But they are usually pretty nice and helpful if approached with a smile. So, don’t be scared to ask for directions, how things work or if they can recommend a place nearby to eat or get drinks. They know their city and they like to share that knowledge.




For more photos of New York City, check out our gallery here


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  1. Rachel says: Reply

    Do people take pictures of the homeless?! Did you see this?

    P.s. perfect NYC photo at the top of the post.

    1. Marita says: Reply

      Didn’t see anyone, but have heard about people who do!

  2. Good tips! I love new york!

    1. Marita says: Reply

      Me too! Going back in June for a long weekend – will be our first time there in the summer months 🙂

  3. I’ve never seen anyone take pictures of homeless people–that is AWFUL! I 100% agree with #7. I feel like that could apply to lots of major cities haha. Great post!

    1. Marita says: Reply

      Thanks! And yes, both #6 and #7 is relevant everywhere!

  4. LMAO! Do people really take pics of homeless people? That’s insane. Nicely laid out post bro

    1. Marita says: Reply

      Apparently some tourists do and yes it’s insane!

  5. I agree! For the backpack, it’s also requested by the museums to be stored in the lockers. a shoulder bag/sling bag is more convenient during tours.

    1. Marita says: Reply

      Yeah, we learned that the hard way; after waiting in line for free entrance to MoMa for quite sometime, we were ushered into a new queue to store our backpack which took another 20-25 minutes! And it was a normal size backpack. Lessoned learned, won’t bring that next time 🙂

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